There are lots of little technical details that can help or hinder the ability of the search engines to find your web site and add it to their index.

Important information that your potential customers are likely to search for, must be easily available on your site. This information is often referred to as “content”. It needs to be organised and structured correctly. It also needs to be unique and “add value” so that search engines will deem it worthy of a good listing.

On-Site SEO Optimisation & Site Build Quality

Web Site Build

The way that your site is built can really influence its performance. We will look at a lot of factors from clean, meaningful url structure, to User Experience (UX), to how clean and easy your site is for the search engines to crawl.


This is what actually goes into the search data, so if information is not present in your content you simply will not appear in the search results for any searches relating to that information. Content needs to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Why would Google want to list you above your competitors ?

Technical Considerations

There are some really technical bits too, but we have expertise and experience in getting the technical bits to work, so we take a look at these too.

Off Site Considerations

There are other factors that influence your performance in search, such as links to your site and social signals. We will also take a look at these and see what effect they are having.

Will It Make Any Difference?

Let us take a quick look at your web site. Tell us what you want to achieve and what your search results are like now.

If we think we can make a difference we can perform a full audit and optimise your web site for better search results.