Datec Packaging, had seen a little success, when one of their main products, ecommerce packaging solutions had briefly appeared on page one of the Google search results for relevant search terms. During this short time, enquiries had increased.

Datec Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Start of Campaign Findings
The Datec Packaging web site was developed in 2012, using .asp technology. A technical SEO audit on the site uncovered multiple problems, that would prevent the site from performing well in the search engine results.

Ranking factors such as site speed, mobile usability, site architecture and content layout and structure, were all found to be lacking. Add to that a spammy back link profile, with lots of links from exact match anchor text, on dodgy blog sites and you have a complete recipe for SEO disaster.

User experience (UX) of the web site was also very poor, with very disjointed navigation and slow load times.

Proposed Solution
Datec knew they needed a new web site, to replace the old, out of date one, but didn’t really want to invest the many thousands of pounds required, until they had proved that business could be generated from the organic search results.

We had a catch 22 situation. The old site cannot be made to perform, but investment in a new one needs to be justified.

We offered to build a new WordPress site, from a template that could be customised with the Datec Packaging logo and branding. This would be done as part of the SEO campaign. The bad backlink profile is currently being cleaned up and a new SEO friendly, mobile responsive web site being developed.

About Datec Packaging

Datec Packaging are a well established supplier of postal, industrial and Ecommerce packaging. The packaging industry is expanding in these days of internet shopping, where more and more products are delivered by post or courier.

Datec supply packaging consumables to both large and small customers. From large industrial businesses, running manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities, to small online shops and ebay sellers.

Ecommerce Packaging

The online marketplace is becoming ever more competitive. Setting your brand apart from your competitors, with attractive, easy to open packaging can keep you one step ahead. Making the unboxing experience a pleasure, using attractive boxes that can be kept and reused adds value and encourages upcycling.

Bespoke Printed Packaging

Where customers require packaging to be branded or have bespoke designs, Datec can create packaging solutions that enhance and promote products and brands.

Visit the Datec Packaging website for more information about their innovative packaging solutions.