A digital marketing campaign encompasses many online marketing activities and channels designed to boost your business online.

This includes appropriate social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin alongside technical SEO, all working together to improve your web sites visibility.

Digital Marketing Channels

How Does Our Digital Marketing Service Work?

Will Digital Marketing Work For YOUR Business?
Firstly we will look at your business to establish whether a digital marketing campaign is appropriate and what potential results we can achieve for you. We will need to know what your business goals are and which areas of the business you particularly want to grow.

Technical SEO Web Site Audit
We will also need to audit your web site to make sure its build quality and content are good enough to achieve success in the search engine listings. It never ceases to amaze us that many web sites are not built to Google webmaster guidelines and will not be capable of being listed high in search results.

We will put forward a proposal based on your business goals and audit results. You will receive details of cost, timescales and what we think is achievable.

Campaign Strategy
If you want to go ahead with our proposal, we will develop an individual campaign for your business which could incorporate many strategies, depending on your business needs. These will typically involve:

  • web site updates arising from your audit will be carried out
  • content creation
  • social media strategy
  • off site PR
  • link building
  • seting up of all necessary tracking and supporting Google accounts

Complete Client Transparency
We believe in total transparency. Unlike the big SEO agencies, you will have access to details of all the work we are carrying out for your SEO campaign, this includes details of all links built as well as content creation and outreach.

Regular Communication and Progress Reports
You can expect regular communication and progress reports, indeed we feel that the more you are involved in your campaign the better the results will be. The more that you understand about what we are doing, the better we can work as a team.

Local and National Marketing Campaigns
Digital Marketing campaigns can be developed for a particular locality e.g. if your business is based in Rugby, Warwickshire, we can target Rugby and surrounding local areas. Or a campaign can be national i.e. covering the whole of the UK. National campaigns take longer to start achieving results as they are covering a much larger area and are more competitive to get to rank.

Google Organic Search Results – Click Through Curve

Search Results Click Through Rate

In position one of the search results about 18% or searchers will click through to your site. At position two, this reduces to about 10%. By the bottom of page one, we are down to less than 2%. Page two or worse, your web site is unlikely to be visited.

It is important that your products and services appear in the search results, not just your company name. If you run a business and you sell products or provide services that people are likely to search for, either on their PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone, your web site should be working to find you new customers.

Our SEO service will help you to achieve those all important top search positions (SERPs)

Mobile Search Results

As mobile search is approaching nearly 50% of all searches and is set to increase, it is more important than ever that your business web site is optimised to be found by potential customers searching on their Smartphones as well as desk top computers and tablets.

Google now labels each web site in its mobile search results if the site is mobile friendly, paving the way for better performance for those sites that give the user the best mobile performance and targeted information.