Penguins and Pandas, What do They Have to do With my Web Site?

You may well ask!

Is your web site languishing way down in the Google results? No, I don’t mean if you search on your company or business name, I mean for your products and services.

For example if you sell Pink Widgets on your web site and you Google “pink widgets”, where is your site listed? If you are on page one, well done, you are doing great and probably selling some Pink Widgets online to your customers.

If you find your site listed on a lowly page, or not listed at all then you may have a problem.

Identifying the Problem

Now, there are many, many reasons why your web site does not perform well in the search results. It could have poor architecture, duplicate content issues, poor domain authority … the list goes on.

Penguin Penalty

It could however be caused by Penguin or Panda!

Panda Penalty

The Google Algorithm

Google uses a very complicated algorithm to decide which web sites it should return in its search results in response to someone typing a search string into Google. It takes many factors into account, in fact hundreds of factors.


We are not talking football here, we are talking about web sites being penalised by Google for behaving in a way that is not deemed to be natural, or good practice. Two of the most famous penalties are called Penguin and Panda.

So along with the usual algorithm deciding whether to list you or not, your site could also have been penalised by one of these penalties!

In a nutshell, Penguin deals with unnatural inbound links to your website and Panda handles thin and low quality content. Many unwary web site owners are blissfully unaware of all of the issues that may be plaguing their poor web site.

How Do I Know if I Have a Problem with Penguin or Panda?

We can look at your site, using various industry tools and comparing your search data to the known dates that Google ran the penalty updates.

It is usually fairly easy to identify what is causing the problem and sort it out so that you can successfully sell your Pink Widgets online.