DIY SEO for Local Businesses

Achieving page one listings on Google for your products and services can make a big difference to your bottom line. Obviously the closer to the top of the search results that you are the more visitors you are going to get. Position one attracts about 18% of clicks from a PC, rising to about 30% from a mobile device.

DIY SEO for Local Business

Local Search for Local Business Success

Did you know that Google presents you with search results depending on your location? This becomes more accurate when you are searching using a mobile device. So, for example, if you are stood in the middle of a town centre and you Google “restaurant” you will automatically be presented with restaurants in close proximity to you. That is of course if they have the correct presence on the web.

How Can I Get my Business Listed on Page 1 of Google?

If you have a business that operates in a locality, which may be just one town or over a few local towns or geographic radius there is a lot that you can do for yourself to help your web site be successful and hopefully listed on page one of Google.

Here are a few things that you can do for yourself:

Google Places Listings

These are the listings that appear near the top of the search results and have a place marker on the map shown to the right of the results. Set up a Google Places Listing for your Business Choose your categories wisely, and list them in order of importance. Write a unique description for your business, tell potential customers what you do. Make sure to verify your account. Google will send you a postcard with a pin, you will need this to activate your account.

Local Link Building

Look for genuine local business directories that cover your area e.g. local newspapers will have an online presence with a business directory. Get your business added to these directories and linked to your web site. Always write unique descriptions. A warning message here, do not be tempted to list your web site on any site that is not natural e.g. seo directories, this could lead to your site being penalised by Google and being dropped out of the rankings.

Local Citations & NAP

When adding your business to any other web site, it is important to always list your Business Name, Address, Postcode (NAP) in the same way. Make sure it matches the NAP on your own web site. Even if another web site doesn’t link to you, Google will recognise mentions of your business details and this makes you look more popular and important, thus helping to get you better search listings.

Improve your Web Site Content

You can’t expect Google to list you for keywords and phrases, products and services that don’t actually appear in the content of your web site. It is the content; words and pictures that are put into the index by Google. Ask yourself what makes my content unique? Unique, relevant, quality content will get you indexed and listed.

Social Media Signals

Social signals like Facebook shares and likes of your web pages, Tweets with citations and links, Google+ relationships and +1’s all count as positive votes that tell Google that people like your site. Getting reviews on Google+ for local business will help too.

Why is Google so Important?

We are only talking about Google search results because the truth is, at the moment it is the only search engine that will deliver any real difference to your business. Just as an example, we had on site with a position one listing on Google and Bing for its main keyword. Google delivered 500+ quality visitors per month, Bing just 5.

Getting Professional SEO Help

As you can see, there is a lot that you can do to help your own business. You could have a SEO professional design and manage a campaign for your business, which will be far more in depth. This could include some or all of the following, depending on the individual business:

  • Business review to formulate campaign strategy and set goals
  • Audit and optimisation of web site build and content
  • Set up of Google accounts for tracking and analysis
  • Content creation
  • Link building / earning
  • Social media support / management
  • Regular campaign progress reports
  • Total transparency in work being carried out

Why Should I Invest in a SEO Campaign?

Think of SEO as a long term investment for your business. Done correctly, this inbound marketing channel, should work to drive new customers and business via your web site for long term success.

Why Should I Trust Lutterworth Design with my SEO?

Lutterworth Design is owned and managed by Viv Carter who has over 15 years experience in the web site industry, recently having spent two years gaining hands on SEO experience working for SEO agencies Creare Communications and Headred. We believe in total transparency, so we will tell you exactly what work is being carried out, what links are being built etc. You will not get this from the big SEO agencies. We will also not undertake SEO for a business if we believe it is not suitable.