Initial Findings for Insolvency Searches

CFS Insolvency Practitioners launched their new web site in August 2015. We found that the web site was built in such a way that the search engines would find it difficult to understand. This is often the case where a site has been built by a designer or developer that does not have an in depth technical knowledge of how Google search works. If a business needs to perform well in internet searches to attract new customers it needs to adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Examination of search results and use of such tools as Searchmetrics, Semrush and Majestic, revealed no presence in the SERPs for insolvency and liquidation searches. The site also had a lot of spam links pointing to it that needed dealing with.


Plan of Action – Campaign Strategy

  • Firstly re-write a lot of the content that was not providing unique value and answering the questions asked by potential customers.
  • Restyle the heading elements in the web site design that were causing lots of headings to appear in each page. The headings within the actual page copy will then become more meaningful.
  • Set up all the supporting accounts so that campaign performance and progress can be monitored, submit all the appropriate data.
  • Optimise the web site for a local Nottingham campaign, to attract businesses that are experiencing financial problems in the Nottingham area.
  • Leverage the CFS Insolvency London office, which did not feature on the web site.
  • Develop local Nottingham and London strategies to support businesses in those locations.
  • Ongoing process of content marketing and building domain authority to eventually drive coverage to the whole of the UK for company and individual, insolvency and liquidation related searches.

Corporate Financial Solutions

CFS Insolvency Practitioners provide insolvency and liquidation services to companies and individuals who are experiencing financial problems. Support and help is provided to both solvent and insolvent companies to find the most appropriate solution for the individual circumstances.

CFS provide insolvency services to businesses throughout the UK and are happy to travel to meet with business owners. For details about insolvency and liquidation services near you visit:

Insolvency and Liquidation Services in Nottingham and the Midlands

Insolvency and Liquidation Services in London

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