We can make changes to your web pages to help improve sales and enquiries, often these changes are fairly minor and subtle. There are a few little optimisation tricks that can help make the difference to your bottom line.

Optimise, Test and Refine for Best Results

Think about what how you want your web site to work for your business. Do you want people to pick up the phone and call you ? Do you want them to fill in an enquiry form ? Do you want them to make a purchase ?

We call this a “call to action”. It needs to be in a prominent position on the web page, it needs to stand out and not be hidden amongst too much other information.

Split Testing & AB Testing

We can test different layouts of a page, different coloured buttons, different calls to action to see how they perform against each other. This testing is often referred to as Split Testing or AB Testing. By testing and refining we can come up with the best page design to improve sales.

Ever thought about your meta descriptions, those things that appear in the search results that influence searchers to click on your site? A simple rewrite may be all it needs to get more visitors to click onto your site.