Analysis of client competitors revealed the need for a dedicated site to promote the Bid Management and Bid Consultancy area of the business.

The new Apsiz Bid Team web site was developed on the WordPress platform using a Genesis theme for a clean build.

Showcasing the Experienced Tender & Bid Management Team

We needed to show off the extensive experience if the bid consultants, who have both private and public sector experience in tendering for and winning new business. Their USP is that they have also worked within the Government Procurement department and so have first hand experience of how tenders are evaluated by the government when choosing their suppliers. Personal profiles of each bid consultant highlight this experience.

Bid Management Success or Failure

Case studies are used to demonstrate just how valuable being awarded a tender for new business or place on a Government framework can be to a company. Being a preferred supplier on a framework gives a business stability and allows for planning and future expansion. With bid and tender being used more and more by private businesses and local and central Government, having the ability to win new business this way is a necessary skill for any business development manager.

The Campaign

As this is a new domain, authority will take time to build, so some paid search is used to attract potential customers who are looking for Bid Management, Consultancy or Tender Writing services. Regular blog posts are written to support customers need for more information around related subjects such as tender submission, covering letters, bid process and how to find new business using the bid and tender process.